Our WWDC 2020 Keynote Cheat Sheet – Mac shifts to Apples own Silicon

In a covid world WWDC 2020 is 100% via video link.

It will likewise be kept in mind for anther reason too. long rumoured as well as now confirmed, the Mac is moving to Apple’s own silicon…


Mac is transitioning to Apples own silicon
“Huge leap ahead for the Mac”
“Whole new level of performance”
Scaleable as well as low power
Common design across all platforms
Microsoft & Adobe apps up as well as running
Emulation – “Rosetta 2 immediately equates existing apps”
New Virtualisation innovation
iOS apps will run natively on macOS
First Mac with Apple CPU / GPU due by end of this year
Transition will take around 2 years


macOS huge Sur
“Entirely new Design”
Control Centre added to the Mac
Redesigned Notification Centre
Widgets return to the Mac
Messages updates similar to iOS
Web Extensions API added to Safari
Safari Tabs as well as Translations


iOS 14
Springboard lastly gets widgets
Different sizes as well as “more data rich”
Smart stack – different widgets automatically
Picture in photo video – watch video while in any type of app
App library sorts apps into library folders
Tap to hide pages of apps
New Siri compact visual design
New equate on gadget app works off-line
Messages – pin conversations to the top & enhancements to groups
Maps – new maps coming to UK & Ireland this year
EV Routing – factor in chargers, weather condition as well as elevation
New NFC digital cars and truck secrets coming (BMW first)
App Clips – little <10mb popup, quick apps for logins as well as services iPadOS iPadOS 14 New Sidebar for many apps Universal Search Apple Pencil – ‘Scribble’ enables composing in any type of text field AirPods Automatic changing between gadgets as you move around AirPods pro gains Spacial Audio for surround sound watchOS watchOS 7 New & updated Faces New interface to Customising faces & complications Face sharing – from apps as well as between watches New workout option Sleep Tracking Automatic Hand washing Detection with countdown tvOS tvOS 14 Multiuser support for gaming תמונה בתמונה 4k Airplay פְּרָטִיוּת Data minimisation On gadget Intelligence Security Protections Transparency & Control Now able convert existing app logins to indication in with Apple More Permissions Requested More clearness on what data apps gather from you HomeKit Open sourced HomeKit Automations suggested when you add new hardware Adaptive illumination matches colour temperature throughout the day Face recognition from Cameras based on your photos שתף זאת: פייסבוק טוויטר Reddit לינקדאין Pinterest18 אימייל יותר WhatsApp הדפס סקייפ טאמבלר מִברָק כִּיס

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