10 ways To update Your dining room — Without changing The furniture

Is your dining room looking dated? here are some budget fixes that don’t involve jettisoning a beloved a family heirloom, or purchasing a new table and chairs right before the gift-giving season. Click through for 10 ways to get your dining room holiday ready without starting from scratch.

Light fixtures are typically front and center in a dining room, and play a major role in setting the tone. designers are moving away from sparkly crystal drops towards more sculptural designs. designer Sam Sacks makes her trad velvet-upholstered dining chairs look more futuristic with an articulated, sculptural fixture.

Photographer: Alex Lukey

Source: house & home November 2015

Designer: Sam Sacks

Warm metals and brass have made serious inroads into all corners of the design world. Gold and brass-toned tableware was once super scarce, but now many brands carry a version of this major trend.

Photographer: Donna Griffith

Source: house & home November 2013

Designer: produced by Sasha Seymour

In designer Wendy Davis’s home, two rare Warhol prints of Mick Jagger give the minimalist dining room a shot of star power.

Photographer: Virginia Macdonald

Source: house & home September 2017

Designer: Wendy Davis

Fresh white panels are a quiet counterpoint in this exuberant floral-wallpapered dining room. Don’t forget to use drapery hardware as jewelry: the brass finish matches the pendant light.

Photographer: Courtesy of studio McGee

Designer: studio McGee

Don’t underestimate the power of a new tablecloth and napkins. This floral stunner picks up the colors of the china pattern to rich effect, and the layering creates major drama.

צלם: אנגוס פרגוסון

Source: house & home November 2012

Designer: Kai Ethier

Appetite is typically triggered by colors such as red, but hues on the cooler spectrum are livable and calming. create an enveloping sensory experience with a dark, moody paint, such as deep forest green.

Photographer: Michael Graydon and Nikole Herriot

Source: house & home October 2014

Products: wall colour, Billiard Table (S-H-490), Behr

Designer: Prop styling by Stacey Smithers. Food styling by Ashley Denton

Mirrors give dimension and depth to a room, and don’t pass up a chance to reflect candlelight glow in a dining room to add a more festive atmosphere.

Photographer: Donna Griffith

Source: house & home November 2013

Designer: produced by Sasha Seymour

Rugs are an effective way to inject pattern and color into a dining room, and they create a welcoming softness underfoot — the perfect way to make holiday guests feel at home.

צלם: אנגוס פרגוסון

Source: house & home October 2012

מעצב: ג’ואל בריי

Give chairs a mini makeover with a Scandi staple, the fleece throw. It makes long dinner parties so comfortable for guests, they may never want לעזוב.

צלם: אנגוס פרגוסון

מקור: בית & דף הבית נובמבר 2012

מעצב: סטיילינג מזון על ידי אשלי דנטון. סטיילינג על ידי סשה סימור

מעצב Grace Castaneda תפרה פרינג ‘מטילים כבד, זהב מפות קטיפה DIY בארץ הביתה עבור החגים להתלבש סגנון chunky, כפרי של השולחן ולתת לו קצת נוכחות נוספת.

צלם: דונה גריפית ‘

מקור: בית & דף הבית נובמבר 2013

מעצב: גרייס קסטנדה

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